profile 02 200px ContactMy name is Oliver Wunderlich and I was born, raised and went to school in Munich, Germany. When I was a teen I discovered my love for drawing cartoons. On my first trip away from home, to Ireland in 1980, I bought a book called “Be a Cartoonist” or something like that. You know that kind of books. I don’t remember if that one was especially well written or drawn, but I copied every single illustration in it. When I started to draw my own cartoons, my popularity in school increased as my cartoons were secretly passed under the tables. I even came to an agreement with one of my teachers: I am allowed to draw in classes if I do not poke fun at her.

So my friend Werner Regnet and me started our career as world famous cartoonists as soon as we finished school in 1984. We really had the chutzpa to send original artwork to magazines that still published cartoons. Needless to say: We got not one single reaction!
But we were not shaken to the core and started our next project. We wrote an exposé for a funny Sword and Sorcery comic book, including sketches, character sheets and lots of illustration and went directly to Frad Kipka, CEO of “Comicon”. Mr. Kipka didn’t mock us, even liked our ideas and gave us our first job in the industry. We wrote and scribbled maybe a dozen stories for “Fix & Foxi”, which was a popular German ripoff of Mickey Mouse. To learn my trade I went to Professor Hans Seeger’s art school . Sometimes people called the art school in search for someone to make an illustration for them. And these jobs were done by me.

February ’89 a young publisher came to me with his plans for a new kind of magazine. Soon I teamed up with Werner Regnet and or three years we made layouts, designs and comics for all the publications of the Joker Verlag. The “Amiga Joker”. Our comic characters Ghost, Brork, Krieger, Tonne and Fresse were invented and we were the most regularly published comic artists in Germany as far as I know. Hard work, but a fun time that introduced us to the world of Macintosh, Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark Xpress.

In 1992 we founded our own little company and because we were fluent in Apple and learning the vocabulary of Macromedia Director the company changed its focus. First we were producing of Multimedia CDs and finally we changed into publishing. Since1998 I’m back at my roots and I work as a freelancer – illustrator and graphic artist – again. My clients so far are Semikolon, Megem, Bosch, IBM, Apple Germany, The Learning Company, Markt & Technik, EuroVideo, Frech-Verlag, Econ Verlag, Attic Software, Joker-Verlag, More & More, Cyberdreams and more.

With Witzmacher, I focus on a new, clear and modern style, a mixture between realism and comics. Distinct outlines and vivid colors. Made digitally and analog. Enjoy!